Happy Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday To The Apple of My Eyes

Today is the 2920th day of happiness, love, and care. On this very day, on 24th May 2012, you came into our life. I still remember when the nurse asked me if I wanted a boy or girl before giving you in my arms. I wanted a girl, and your mama wanted a boy. You know who always wins 🙂

I started loving you even before your birth. You used to kick your mama’s belly. I, too, felt your kicks. From the moment I saw you in my arms, that love multiplied by 1000 times. I was the first person to hold you (after the doctor and nurse, of course).

We were not expecting you for another couple of weeks, at least, but you were in a hurry to meet us. I was in the office when mama called me. I had just reached there. I came back immediately and we rushed to the hospital.

You came in this world exactly at 1:39 pm on 24th May. It’s been 8 years since then. Since then it was a happy roller coaster ride. You gave us sleepless nights. I literally dozed off at work the next day. I got shit scared whenever you got sick or got hurt. I couldn’t hear you cry when that doctor gave those monster vaccine injections in your thighs. I too shaded a couple of tears with you. My heart used to break in pieces when you cried and I just couldn’t figure out why. But your one smile would melt all my sorrows and worries.

I still remember your first day at your school. You were one of the very few kids who didn’t cry on their first day. I remember how quickly you learned to ride a bicycle and your witty responses were out of the world. I am trying my best to document those conversations under palashnama section of this website. Maybe when you are old enough, you will have fun reading them.

Today wishing that you get everything best that is available on this planet. I love you a lot.

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