About Me

If you have kids or love kids, you are on the correct website. This website is a reflection of my journey as a parent. I want to share my love for kids and learning, tips, tricks that I gained as a parent with you all.

Who Am I?

That’s me in the picture with my kiddo. My name is Pravin and that handsome boy is Palash. He is 8 now, so I have 8 years of hands-on experience handling my own kid and maybe 20+ years of experience handling my 6 nephew and nieces 🙂

My wife works and I am a stay home dad. I work from home and spend most of my time with my kiddo sharpening my parenting skills.Son and father

Do you think you know a lot? Trust me, you will realize you don’t know anything till you start answering questions of your kids. I was as clueless as any other parent when I became a father. I was $#!T scared to hold my baby. We didn’t have any help. I was a little experienced compared to my wife so I took the initiative and started bathing, massaging and taking care of my baby. Basically, except for breastfeeding, I did all.

I had sleepless nights ( and dozed off at work the next day). I was scared when he got sick. I cried with him when he got injections in his thighs. My heart used to break when he cried and I just couldn’t figure out why.

But his one smile in his sleep, his giggling at my stupid face and his tiny little fingers holding my finger tightly would make me forget my biggest worries.

But Why This Blog?

Let’s get one thing straight. Parenting is difficult. Raising kids is not a child’s play. On the other hand, the joy it gives you to raise a tiny human is beyond words.

I always wanted the best for my son. Be it milk, food, clothes, toys or education. I am sure you too want the same for the apple of your eye. I came across many awesome as well as substandard products.

I wanted to reduce your efforts in finding the right product for your champs and angels. Also, share the learning that I gained over these 8 years. Even today he is teaching something new to me 🙂

So, please be a part of this journey. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed 🙂 Oh yes, one more thing. Don’t forget to read Palashnama section. That’s a collection of his words of wisdom.

How To Reach Me?

Do you have a suggestion for this blog or just want to talk to me? Feel free to reach me at champdad@kidsvelocity.com. I get many emails every day but rest assured I will get back to you at the earliest.

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